Oliver's Nobel ceremony 12/10/2007. (2007年12月10日に催されたOliver 先生のノーベル賞授賞式)

The video of the award ceremony is here.

(2 minutes video)

The woman who wore a white dress reflected after receiving the prize is Dr. Nobuyo
Maeda who is Oliver's wife.
受賞の後に映っている白いドレスを着た女性が、Oliver 先生の奥様である Nobuyo Maeda 先生です。

ATTENTION!(注意!) I got this web page and was unable to start the movie automatically. I thought I could not see the video by Mac at first, but the movie was started by clicking "Windows Media" indicated by a red arrow.
私のMac ではこのような画面になって、最初は見れないのかと思いましたが、"Windows Media" の所をクリックしたらビデオを見ることができました。

Nobel Lecture by Oliver Smithies
これは Oliver 先生のノーベル賞受賞記念の講演です。 http://nobelprize.org/mediaplayer/index.php?id=776&view=
(43 minutes video)

Halloween Costumes (ハロウィーンの日に着たコスチューム)

After 3 week of the Nobel Prize, the end of this October is Halloween. I wore the costume of Mickey Mouse in commemoration of Nobel prize. Why is my costume Mickey mouse? The reason for this Nobel prize is referable to some researches of Mouse's cells and genes. I wore the mouse costume to express my appreciation to all mice.

Clicking on the photo enlarges.
Incidentally, I show the costume of the last year. This is a "milk pack" costume. In old U.S.A., people puts an advertisement missing person in a milk pack. It is the place where this costume is interesting to have put your face in the part of the face of advertisement.

Furthermore, the costume two years ago was an Angel. Because this day was just a lab meeting, Angel's Stick was used instead of a pointer.