Guidance from Yabiku sensei(屋比久先生のご指導)

Yabiku sensei (Director of Ryukyu thermotherapy) advised us on numerous things about health, and it took 90 minutes, including the guidance for Sophia.

First of all, the result of my thermal therapy test showed that my internal organs were cold.  Yabiku sensei advised me to keep my body warm all the time. This made me think that I would need to bathe my lower body every day. She also suggested to keep the area around my belly button warm using the thermal-therapy device (Moxibusion). The next picture shows the thermal-therapy device which is actually used at the Ryukyu Thermal Therapy Institute. It is available for purchase.

The world’s first Thermal Therapy Machine, which was originally developed at the Ryukyu Thermal Therapy Institute, used radium. This machine helps to destroy cancer cells and lumps by conducting sufficient heat deep inside of the body.
・The radiation from Radium penetrates the body (43 cm in depth), stimulating blood
circulation. (This effect is similar to a Radium Onsen (hot spring including radioisotope of radium))
Radon Gas - (It’s produced when radium is destroyed) increases metabolism.
Infrared Ray – Excretes a toxic substance in our body
Minus Ion - When Radium radiates Gamma Ray, Minus Ions are generated → Clears air and heals our body.

ラジウムからでる放射線が身体の深部まで入る(43 cm まで入る)→ 血流が良くなる(ラジウム温泉の効果と似ているそうだ)
ラドンガスが発生する(ラジウムが崩壊するときにでる)→ 身体の新陳代謝を高める
遠赤外線も温灸器からでる→ 体内の有害物質を排泄する
・ラジウムがガンマ線を放つときに、マイナスイオンも放出 → 周りの空気の浄化、身体への癒し効果

Yabiku sensei read the result of my blood test. And she found out that the membrane of my red blood cells are thin. Yabiku sensei advised me to eat from 2 to 4 eggs a day, because the lecithin they contain helps to form the membrane of blood cells. (However, the eggs should be taken from the caged- free chicken. Usually, most chickens spend their lives in a small cage and are fed artificial foods, and injected with hormones and antibiotics. Eggs coming from those chickens should be avoided.)
 屋比久先生は次に私の血液検査の結果を見て、私の赤血球の膜の厚さが薄いことを発見しました。そして、赤血球の膜を構成しているレシチンを食べたほうがいいということで、卵を1日2〜4個食べるようにご指導をいただきました(ただし、自然の環境で買われたニワトリからとれた卵に限る。ホルモンや抗生物質が入ったエサで育てられたニワトリ はダメ(卵をとるとき、ほとんどの業者はニワトリをケージに閉じ込めて、人工的なエサを与えている)。

Caged-free eggs contain:
・20 kinds of high quality Amino Acid (The amino acid content of soy beans is not well balanced enough. See explanations below.)
・Various natural vitamins and minerals
Lecithin, which helps the functioning of cells and the brain
Cephalin and Cholin, which decrease bad cholesterol
Good cholesterol (Yabiku sensei said egg cholesterol was proven as a good cholesterol by the WHO)
Natural CoQ10


レシチン → 細胞膜や脳の働きを助ける
ケファリン, コリン → 悪玉コレステロールを減らす。
・卵のコレステロールは前玉である(以前にWHO [世界保険機構] が発表したと先生がおっしゃっておりました)。
自然の CoQ10 を含む

Generally speaking, doctors say eggs have a lot of cholesterol and are therefore not healthy. However, eggs actually help to lower cholesterol. Moreover, Cephalin and Colin, which are the major components of lecithin, have emulsificative properties and decrease bad cholesterol from our bodies. As a scientist, I actually believe eggs are great for our health. Why? Because a life is born from eggs! The egg should include well-balanced nutrients for living things. It is nonetheless important to eat both the yolk and the white together. On the other hand, it is not acceptable to eat mayonnaise, which is made with only yolk, and meringue (and chiffon cake), which is made with only white. The natural nutrition has been unbalanced.
 一般的なお医者さんは、「卵はたくさんコレステロールが入っているから良くない」という方が多いですが、実は「卵はコレステロールを下げる」というのが本当のようです。しかも卵に含まれるケファリンやコリン(レシチンの構成要素)という物質は、乳化作用をもち、体内の悪玉コレステロールを減らしてくれるそうです。私ももともと卵は身体いいだろうというのは科学的な勘でわかっておりました。なぜって、ここから生命が誕生するんですよ! 生命体にとって絶妙な栄養バランスになっているはずです。それから大切なのは黄身も白身も両方同時に食べること! 黄身だけ使ったマヨネーズや、白身だけ使ったメレンゲ(やシフォンケーキ)はダメです。自然のバランスを崩しています!

Yabiku sensei recommends that vegetarians practice eating brown rice and eggs together. Vegetarians usually eat food made from soy. People who eat this way can’t take enough sulfur-containing amino acid (Methionine and Cysteine including sulfur atom) and have an unbalanced Amino-Acid intake. It has a significant role in eliminating harmful heavy metals (such as Mercury and Cadmium) combined with Sulfur. Yabiku sensei also told us that people who follow a Macrobiotic diet usually have bad blood test results.

Speaking of blood test, uric acid crystals were found in my blood. Therefore, Yabiku sensei offered me a treatment to break down this uric acid and clean my kidney. Although I was scared at the thought of a tube being inserted in my internal organ for cleaning, I just have to take two kinds of herbs for two month.

[ Herb which washes kidney ]
Ryusui tea: Contains 5 kinds of herbs (Click the picture to check the ingredients)

・Effective to eliminate Uric acid in blood.
・Drink this tea in the morning. If you take this tea in the afternoon, you have to go to the bathroom at night


I just noticed that this tea included corn silk. Is it good for our health?

* Corn silk contains Fravonoids, Alcaroids, Alantonin, and Saponin. It works as a diuretic, and helps fight fatigue, high blood pressure, and diabetes.
( According to http://www.cixtow.com/dnature/ナから始まるハーブ_/南蛮毛.html )

I was surprised at the many properties of corn silk. It has such great effects to our body! Should I eat whole corn with the silk?

気になったのは「トウモロコシ毛」・・・ トウモロコシの毛って身体に役立つの? Web で調べてみたらこう書いてありました。

* トウモロコシ毛(南蛮毛)に含まれる成分は、フラボノイド、アルカロイド、アラントイン、サポニンなどが含まれています。作用としては、強壮、利尿、抗コレステロール、また疲労、高血圧、糖尿病などにも効果を発揮します。(“ http://www.cixtow.com/dnature/ナから始まるハーブ_/南蛮毛.html ”より)

へ〜、 トウモロコシの毛にこんなに良い作用があるとは驚きました!やっぱりトウモロコシもまるごと(毛もいっしょに)食べなくちゃダメかな〜

[ The second herb which washes kidney ]
Urajirogahi (Scientific name: Quercus Salicina)
・Effective to clean up the kidney.
・Take one pill in the morning and night time in empty stomach.

[ 腎臓を洗浄する2つ目のハーブ ]

Finally, Yabiku sensei found a chunk of platelet in my blood, and she advised me to take a magic enzyme which breaks down the platelet aggregation. The magic enzyme is made from “earthworm”.
 最後に、私の血液中に血小板の固まりがみられたことから、血小板を分解する魔法の酵素(ミミズからとれるらしい !?)を飲むようにいわれました。

[ Supplement with enzyme that breaks up the platelet aggregation ]
・Effective to break down the platelet aggregation and clot. (LR powder from earthworm helps to melt them.)
・Take 2 pills before sleep (2 months)

[ 血小板の固まりを分解する酵素入りサプリメント ]

・血小板の塊を分解する ( ミミズからとれる「ルンブルクス ルベルス」という物質が、血小板を溶かしてくれるそうだ)

I decided to take those two kinds of pills whenever I go on a business trip. Though I believe that I usually don’t have uric acid crystals and a chunk of platelets in my blood , I found out that my blood goes bad when I can’t eat much vegetables while I’m gone on a long trip.

Thank you very much for reading.
Next, Sophia’s blood exam results are coming.



・Homepage of Ryukyu Thermotherapy Institute (琉球温熱療法院ホームページ)http://ryukyu-onnetsu.jp/

・[Japanese book] 参考書: 「未病からガン・難病まで癒す 温熱生活のすすめ」 屋比久勝子著、現代書林 (2008年) 初版


[ 追記: 2010/4/13 ]屋比久先生のご指導をうけてから3ヶ月くらいしてから血液検査をうけました。結果はかなり良く肝臓の働きも良好で、コレステロール値もよかったです。[ HDL (善玉コレステロール) が高めでした] 詳しい内容は後ほど掲載します。