Ryukyu Thermotherapy Institute (琉球温熱療法院)

We have strong desire to go to Ryukyu Thermotherapy Institute since last year. Late-stage cancer patients who were given up by doctors can be cured with the combination of thermo therapy and diet therapy in this hottest place.
ここではお医者さんでもお手上げになった末期のがん患者さんを温熱療法と食事療法で治してしまう、今「注目度 No. 1」 の場所です。

A tiny drop of blood tell many detail of your health! And you can see somatids which is not accepted yet in mainstream medicine (Though it can be seen by microscope...). The observation of blood and somatids can tell whether you have any cancer or not.

OK...Let’s see my result of live blood analysis and vibration detection (not good though...).

・Uric acid crystal (white clump in the center) → indicates reduced renal function
・Red blood cells : dark round bodies outlined in white
・Tiny white particles : not somatids but neutral fat? (a somatid is smaller than a neutral fat)
・尿酸結晶 (中央の白い固まり) → 腎臓の機能低下を示す
・尿酸結晶白い粒はソマチットではなく、中性脂肪。(ソマチットは 中性脂肪より小さい)

・A chunk of sugar (cause by an excessive intake of carbs) → suspects insulin resistance (pancreas dysfunction)
・糖のかたまり(炭水化物を多くとるとでる)→ インシュリンの分泌の低下(膵臓の機能低下)が疑われる

・Platelet aggregation with attached bacteria and fungus → cause a clot  → suspect poor kidney function
・血小板が凝集したものにバクタリアやカビが付着したもの → 血栓の原因になる → 腎臓の機能低下が疑われる

・Mycoplasmas were observed occasionally → suspected impairment of lung function
・マイコプラズマが時々観察された → 肺の機能低下が疑われる

Somatids were not in the blood but burrow into red blood cells, which means the blood is not healthy (no picture).

Somatids transform into various forms. little dots(1) are seen in healthy blood. So “nicely thinner blood” and “exsistance of type (1) somatids” is evaluated as healty blood by Ryukyu Thermotherapy Institute.
ソマチットはいろいろな形態をとるが、(1)の小さな粒の状態が、血液が健康であることを示す。つまり、「さらさら血液」+「ソマチット(1)タイプがいる」状態が 琉球温熱では健康な血液と判定されるそうだ。ソマチットを発見したガストン先生によると、ソマチットのタイプ 9 〜10 番が多いときは、ガンが一年後に発生する確率が高いといっていたそうです。
[A citation of this figure (この絵の引用先): http://bokencha.com/somatid.html ]

I also got a diagnosis by vibration detection and it took around 20 minutes. The machine examined various parts of the body ( the internal organs and the lymphatic gland, too) electrically and checked in total 100-200 places in my body. It turned out me that internal organs were cold, and I had a decreased physical function. My temperature is regularly 36.3℃(97.3ºF) when taken in the armpit and the mouth. I knew it for the first time that the temperature of my internal organ was low by the result of the vibration detection.

Because of a flight from LA several days ago, my body clock was still not adjusted to japan time. So I was not in good condition; was referable, but cakes and meats which I had on last night seemed to worsen blood. However, my body is so weak that clusters of the uric acid and sugar comes out only to eat a little bit of unhealthy foods. Fortunately, the form of the red blood cell did not seem to be changed in a couple of days, so the practitioner said my red blood cells were round and not thick because my regular diet is pretty good.

Next time, I will write the guidance of Teacher Yabiku, a director of Ryukyu thermotherapy!


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