Our boss received Nobel Prize! (うちのボスがノーベル賞をとった!)

Oliver Smithies, who is my boss, was awarded a Nobel Prize 10/8/07. He got a phone call in home around 5 o'clock of early morning.
私のボスである、オリバー先生 (Dr. Oliver Smithies) がノーベル賞を授賞されました(昨日、2007年10月8日)。昨日の早朝5時ごろにご自宅のほうへ連絡があったそうです。

We prepared a big bouquet immediately and gave it to him. Oliver was full of pleasure.

We have usually a lob meeting from 10am, but we canceled the meeting for the special day. We celebrated his big award with ice cream (he likes it very much) and cakes.

At 2 pm, I went to the press conference for the first time. There are excitement and feeling of strain.

Oliver taking interviews from the press.

After the press conference, he made a speech in the university. He is exposed to the applause of the blessing from all.(The vigorous applause continued more than one minute.)

Even from the 2nd and 3rd floors, he receive great applause.

I had the most exciting day in my life.

News on Web (Web 上でのニュース)
The New York Times
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I got a grant! (研究費が出た!)

The first report is 7/7/07! The triple seven makes me feel great!
I got a good letter from Cooley 's Anemia Foundation yesterday. They gave me research grant!
My two bosses and the secretary were very pleased with the grant
I have a feeling that my study advances more :)
最初の投稿は2007年7月7日です! 7が並んでいて、気分がいいですねー!
昨日、 Cooley's Anemia Foundation から研究費が出ると連絡がありました。ボスも秘書の方もみんな喜んでくれました。これで私の研究はさらに進む予感 (^^)